Committed to help you to achieve your goal to study and work abroad BNAC Education offers wide range of unique study and work programs in New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Canada and UK.

BNAC is able to help students find the best institution to study, at the best price, find employment, and establish a best pathway leading to their dreams of migrating. We represent leading educational institutions and we provide excellent services at very affordable cost.

Services Includes:

  • Free Consultation and assessment
  • Enrollment processing assistance
  • Student visa processing assistance
  • Seminars to learn how you can qualify for the programs

For upcoming seminar schedules you may contact us.

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BNAC offers German Language to every applicant who wishes to learn German as part of their requirement before going to German. Those already proficient in English WILL NOT have a hard time learning German since both languages are from the same family. Learning German language is valuable for your career if you wish to work in Germany. Our teachers are German nationals that will help you to understand words, correct pronunciation, translate and interpret sentences and situation. They can speak English fluently so nothing to worry because they can explain everything well.

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